It's good to be a young parent: Ayushmann Khurrana

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Mumbai Dec 20 (IANS) Actor Ayushmann Khurrana says it is good to have children at a young age.

The "Badhaai Ho" star opened up about his equation with his children when he shot for the chat show "Famously Filmfare Season 2", read a statement. 

Asked how it is to be a hands-on parent, Ayushmann said: "Today, I had to wear glasses because I got up early in the morning for a shoot. It was also her sports day and I was all ready and geared up to win that 100 meter race with fellow parents as I was one of the youngest out there. 

"I was really excited, but sadly that didn't happen. Even though I've under-slept today, it is alright. It is good to be a young father, a young parent. You have that energy and you are growing up with them." 

Ayushmann and Tahira share a daughter Varushka and a son Virajveer. 

He feels his son is more talented than him when it comes to playing the piano. 

"Being a young parent, you can play cricket, football and I can play chess with my son. In fact, he plays the piano better than I do. We got the piano installed because of my film 'AndhaDhun'. He started learning recently and already has a concert coming up."