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Board exams 2015: Good luck to you all, say B'town toppers

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It’s that time of the year when the class 12 board exam stress is at an all-time high, thanks to the sky high college cut-offs that await freshers. Our own Bollywood stars, who are now examples of success and self-confidence, also once suffered from similar board blues.

While many stars share that they went into panic mode everytime the ‘papers’ were round the corner,  there are a few who tried keeping their cool and succeeded at it.

Sonali Bendre fought illness, Esha Deol dreaded Maths, Raveena Tandon forgot her hall ticket and Arshad Warsi wondered why he needed to take those tests — but  everyone did manage to get where they are! We decided to ask a few Bollywood celebrities about their most stressful moments and how they tackled the boards.

Ayushmann Khurrana: I used to get stressed during my mathematics exam. Every year, I got a panic attack the day before the exam. But believe me, it’ll all be just fine. Good luck.

Arshad Warsi: My problem was not HOW am I going to do my exam. My problem was WHY am I doing this exam... hahahahah... But please, don’t follow this advice!

Sonali Bendre: My scariest memory is from the time I fell ill during my SSC exams. I was suffering from viral fever, and could not study anything for the next exam. But I went ahead and appeared for it, and scored decent marks. If you give it your best, it works.

Gul Panag: I always loved exams! I used to see it as a time to test how much I was able to remember. So I was never stressed.

Raveena Tandon: In the midst of all the stress, I remember I forgot my hall ticket, and the supervisor was not allowing me to appear for my SSC exam. As it was my first day of the exam, they were very strict, so later my brother got my hall ticket. So never panic or worry much.

Esha Deol: My worst exam memory is when I had to tackle maths. I always felt that I’ll fail the subject, and it used to give me sleepless nights. I always chanted the Hanuman Chalisa before my exam. Have faith and don’t take stress!

Upen Patel: It was a nightmare when I fractured my right a week before my class 10 final exams. I  was really scared — I didn’t know if I will make it or have to drop it. But somehow, with the plaster in my hand, I made it for the exams.

Surveen Chawla: I remember, when we were going for the exam, my dad’s car broke down in the middle of the road and there was some rickshaw strike and I got late. I reached the 20 minutes late. But things always work out, so there’s no use getting worked up about it.