Ayushmann: Everybody has good things to say about me

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Mumbai, Feb. 2 -- Ayushmann Khurrana made his Bollywood debut with Vicky Donor in 2012. The same year witnessed the entry of several other fresh faces too. But Ayushmann says that he has nothing but reverence for his contemporaries.

"I have friends [in Bollywood]. But more than friends, I have mentors like Adi sir (Aditya Chopra; filmmaker) and Shoojit Sircar (director). I have tremendous respect for all my contemporaries. And the best part is that everyone has good things to say about me. Normally, I don't hang out with them. Instead, I spend time with my old friends from college and the music industry. Some of them are still struggling, while a few are established," says the actor.

Ayushmann wrote about his own struggles, and published them in his book, Cracking The Code: My Journey In Bollywood, last year. Is another book on the cards? "Not right now," he says, adding, "My first book was about something I wanted to tell people about. I am still new to the industry. The more time I spend here, the more I will learn about the people in B-Town, and consequently, I will evolve. It's that evolution that drives you to write something," says Ayushmann.

Talking about his future projects, the actor says, "I am in talks with a lot of producers and directors, and there will be some announcements made very soon," says Ayushmann. He is also set to start shooting for his next in Punjab soon.

On the music front, the actor recently released a single, 'Yahin hoon main', with his band. His other song,, 'Mitti di khushboo' has also been a hit. "We got a great response for the track. It worked well, not just with the e Punjabi crowd, but also with the NRIs. People connected with the song," says Ayushmann.