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Ayushmann caught between the Kapoors!

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New Delhi, March 12 -- Ayushmann Khurrana, who has just wrapped up a film with Sonam Kapoor and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, says that he was caught between the Kapoors on the sets of Bewakoofiyan.

"They shared fantastic camaraderie. I went doubly prepared to the sets because I got one or two takes with Chintu Sir (Rishi). And Sonam was like 'Chintu uncle ek aur take, ek aur take.'

And Rishi Sir would say, 'haan le le ek aur shot, tu Anil Kapoor ki beti hai," shared the 29-year-old when he visited HT City with Sonam, to meet the winners of HT City's Stars in the City contest.    

Sonam pitched in, saying, "Yes, I was allowed whatever I wanted. He was very kind. There is a lot of love and care that comes from his side."    

There has been a lot of talk recently that Rishi and Sonam have patched up on the sets of the film, after sharing a cold vibe for several years. Apparently, Rishi was peeved with Sonam after Deepika Padukone and she cracked some jokes about Rishi's son Ranbir on a TV chat show in 2010.

However, Sonam says that there was never a cold vibe between them. "I wish it was that controversial, but it wasn't like that at all. With Chintu uncle, I can get away with murder, I literally can get away with murder!" shared the 28-year-old, adding. "Ranbir and I are still friends, our families are very close, so be it holidays or festivals, we spend them together."