Arshad Warsi's 'direct' plans!

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Mumbai, May 4 -- Not many know that before he became an actor, Arshad Warsi was a dancer and a choreographer. He won several dance competitions both in India and abroad. Later, he also started his own dance studio, Awesome.
"Yes, I used to (run a dance school). I had started (off as a choreographer) when I would do choreography for plays and all. During that time, people would love my form of dancing. So, a lot of people started asking if I could teach them (dancing). And I was like, 'let's try, so I started a school that ran for some time but soon, films happened, so I couldn't continue it," says Arshad.
Interestingly, Arshad remembers Shiamak Davar also having his dance school at that time. "I couldn't continue (my school) as I didn't have the kind of infrastructure that Shiamak had. And I have great respect for Shiamak because he is so involved in it. Also, I couldn't have left it (school's responsibility) on somebody else. You have to be there," he says.
The Golmaal series actor readily admits that he had a "completely different perspective" at that time. "I had to do much more in life to get what I wanted," he says.
Any plans to open a dance school again or relaunch Awesome? "I don't know. Probably, I won't open a dance school but I have a great desire to direct a musical play or maybe a musical thriller," he says.
The actor, who has assisted Mahesh Bhatt in Thikana (1987) and Kaash (1987), says he has also given a "few ideas to some of my friends, who wanted to make films." "So, let's see. Maybe, once things get rolling, and I start to direct, all my thoughts will start getting on paper and then, I will start working on them," he says.