Arshad Warsi signs up for Yoga and Meditation..

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Mumbai, March 10 -- Arshad Warsi is currently at a Pune-based yoga and meditation centre for a detox. A source says, "Arshad wanted to take a break from the city's hustle and bustle, and visit this retreat. He is learning different types of yoga and meditation techniques there."

Arshad, who is enjoying the experience, says, "The centre offers intense yoga and meditation services for a complete detox. I heard about the retreat from a friend, who was impressed with the results. It's supposed to be intense and grueling, but fulfilling as well. I am enjoying the experience."

Arshad hasn't been to such a yoga centre or detox retreat before, and feels that "more than exercise, yoga is better-suited for the relaxation of the mind and the body".

The actor adds that he isn't looking to lose weight with this programme. "I think 10 minutes of meditation a day is a great de-stressing option. I do yoga at home, but I don't follow a regime, like one does at the retreat," he adds.