Arjun Rampal says he owes a lot to Delhi!

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New Delhi, Nov. 20 -- He is currently busy shooting for Rock On!! 2, and after completing the first phase of the film's work in Shillong, a place the actor calls 'beautiful', we caught up with Arjun Rampal at a recent fashion show in which he was the showstopper.

When we asked him how he feels about Delhi receiving flak for a myriad reasons by people in other cities, the 42-year-old jumped to the Capital's defence.

"Delhi is very close to my heart, please don't say anything bad about it! Every place has good and bad in it, so I think we should rather just stress on focussing on the good," said Rampal.

When we asked him about his close connect to the Capital, Rampal told us he owes a lot to the city. "My grandparents live there, my parents also reside in the city. I have a club there and of course, I studied in Hindu College in Delhi University, so I am pretty close to the city. Also, I started my career from the Capital. All I can say is, Delhi has given me a lot."

Rampal, who kicked off his career on the runway, continues to walk down the ramp from time to time. When we asked him about menswear and the lack of choice for men in terms of fashion, the actor told us: "Well, it's true only when compared to the kind of choice women have when it comes to fashion. Anyway, men are not good at making multiple choices. For women, they can do so many things at one time, men, on the other hand, can just focus on one thing at a time!"