Arjun Rampal goes vintage..

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Mumbai, Jan. 2 -- Arjun Rampal always manages to get attention for his sartorial choices. Be it at public events or at private parties, the actor's looks are regularly discussed on fashion blogs and the party pages.

And he seems to be extending his fashion sense to big the screen by helping design his look in his next film. In Roy, where he plays a film director, Arjun will be seen wearing vintage glasses and a hat, which are from his own wardrobe.

A source close to the actor says, "He added his own pair of glasses and a hat that he had purchased from a vintage store in New York, USA, two years ago, to the look. He also suggested that his character use a typewriter instead of a laptop to add to the vintage charm that he exudes." Arjun apparently was protective of his glasses and hat while shooting, saying that he "guarded them with my life".

When asked about this, Arjun reveals that he loves vintage stuff. "There is so much charm in people from the old school (sic), making their style timeless. My character, Kabir, is very particular about his surroundings. He is in love with that era, yet he is a man of today. Even his style is reflective of that," the actor says.