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My kiss with Alia Bhatt was blown out of proportion: Arjun Kapoor

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In 2012, Arjun Kapoor was linked with Anushka Sharma. More recently, rumours surfaced that he’s seeing co-star Alia Bhatt. True stories, rumours or promotional gimmicks?

We ask the man himself.

Why is that you get linked with every second female actor?
I’m an actor, and we (actors) don’t have a private life beyond a certain point. I have immense respect for this profession, and this is a small price to pay.

But you hardly make a clarification, unlike other actors.
I am young and single, and am bound to be linked with my co-stars. As long as the media doesn’t get too personal, it’s fine. If there is anything to be clarified, I will be the first one to pick up the phone and speak about it.

You are now working with Sonakshi Sinha (they are shooting for Tevar). Did it help that you knew her from before?
Sonakshi and I were in the same school (his cousins Rhea and Sonam also studied in the same academy in Juhu). But it’s not like we were great friends or anything. We met only at social gatherings. It’s only now that we are getting to know each other.

Sonakshi has said she respects your "professionalism".
I take immense pride in being a producer’s son. And since I have been brought up in such an environment, I always try to be as dedicated and disciplined as possible. On the sets, every minute, every second, matters.

Your kiss with Alia in 2 States made headlines. Did that threaten to take the focus away from the acting?
During the promotions, we spoke very candidly about it. But then, we realised that the kiss had been blown out of proportion. All the headlines were only about the kissing.