Arjun set to star as Arjun!

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Mumbai, Jan. 15 -- For close to six months now, it has surely been one of Bollywood's most talked about remakes. 
In fact, many names such as Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Varun Dhawan have been associated with the Hindi adaptation of Arjun Reddy (2017). But now, we have exclusively learnt that - after months of intense speculation - Arjun Kapoor is set to star in the Telugu blockbuster's Bollywood version.
"Yes, it's true. Though it has taken three-four months of continuous and tireless efforts, the rights have worked out. Murad Khetani (producer) has officially bagged it but Arjun too put in his share of efforts to ensure that the rights came through," says an industry insider, adding that the Hindi version may see the actor making his debut as a co-producer.
"Arjun had worked on profit-sharing basis in Ki & Ka (2016) as well but this time, he wants his involvement to be more pronounced. Considering the fact that Arjun Reddy got an A certificate, the Hindi version will also be a mature and sensitive film with an intense love story at its heart," adds the insider. That's why Arjun feels his larger involvement in the film - right from the scratch - will help him creatively too.
"The movie will be like Rockstar meets Dev.D. Also, since the film's rights have been bought at a high price and it's not going to be a typical masala potboiler, Arjun doesn't want to overburden the project with his fee. He doesn't want budget to become an impediment; and instead aims to see a quality film minus any compromises," adds the insider.
Apparently, the actor strongly believes that his involvement as a co-producer is a "practical decision" as it will make "things relatively easier" vis-a-vis the kind of film that he and makers wish to make. "There are chances that the original film's director (Sandeep Vanga) will helm this version too, but all such details - including when the film goes on the floor - will be decided upon when the makers and Arjun meet later this month or early on in February," says the insider.