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Arjun Kapoor is irked by rumours of Sonakshi and him!

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By Tulsi, News Network

While Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s link up has cost him his marriage (or was it something else?), there are now rumours about “Tevar” stars Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor.  This has been labelled as a promotional stunt now.

To Arjun Kapoor, it doesn’t matter if he’s linked up to Sonakshi Sinha. But what does tick him off is that later, people call it a “promotional gimmick” for their next film.

Here’s what he’s got to say: “Sonakshi is my neighbour. This is the first time I’ve worked with her. I really got along with her and that just made it easy for us to be more than just social friends because we know each other’s friends too. We have stepped out for 10 films, but it’s just we have been snapped two-three times. It’s okay, it’s a small price to pay. The link-ups cannot be changed. The one thing I don’t appreciate is that sometimes people jump to the conclusion that these people are doing it for the film’s publicity. That’s the only thing that irks me a little…people shouldn’t assume that we are doing it for publicity.”

Well summed up, Arjun! We like this bindaas boy and his bindaas old but new friend!