Arjun: It's important to experience failure..

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Mumbai, April 8 -- Last year, after the release of his home production, Tevar, Arjun Kapoor went missing from the theatres for over a year. Now, as he has tasted success with his latest movie, we talk to him about his failures, successes, and relationships.

You took a break post Tevar. Why?

I had taken the decision to take a break even before Tevar had released. I had done six back-to-back films at that time. I was actually confused about where I was heading. I just wanted to sit down and breathe. I had promoted four films one after the other during that time. Even if Tevar had done well, I would have taken that break, as I wasn't in the best of health. I had got a lot of injuries due to Tevar. So, taking time off has worked in my favour, as people are curious to watch me now.

How much does success or failure affect you?

I have always felt that it's important to experience failure, so that you can appreciate success better. That way, you never take success for granted, since you don't want to taste failure again. The hallmark of a successful person is how he or she deals with failure. I also did Aurangzeb (2013), which didn't do well. So, Tevar wasn't the first time I had seen failure. But it was more emotional, as my dad (Boney Kapoor; producer) had made the film. But I picked myself up and continued working.

You seem very relaxed now.

I am enjoying the success [of my new movie], as the odds were stacked against me. I was pushed against the wall. I wasn't given a shot in hell. When you are an underdog and you survive and pull off something, the feeling is very nice. This time, I really want to enjoy [this feeling].

Coming to your personal life, you are considered a Casanova by the film industry.

I don't agree with that. But, I guess, we (celebs) have ourselves to blame, as our lives are so exposed. Till I was 25-26, I was concentrating only on my career. As a teenager, I wasn't involved in any relationships. I felt I wasn't attractive enough for the opposite sex; that happened only after I became an actor.

So, is a relationship, or marriage, not on your mind?

I hope I find someone who I can be in a steady relationship with. I have a greed for that. I am 30 now. I have spent four years in the industry, and have enjoyed my singledom. But, let's see how good I will be in a relationship, because you always feel that when you are in one, you will be very good at it. I definitely want to be more stable. I want to find myself a steady relationship, hopefully, this year.

Are you enjoying being single?

I have embraced the fact that I am single. I am not answerable to anyone. I don't know how I got such an image, but I am not a Casanova. It's an image that I wouldn't have liked for myself. When you aren't doing too many films, people find other things to write about you. Now, I hope that my professional life becomes more exciting, and my personal life takes a back seat.

Latest reports link you to Athiya Shetty...

Athiya has been Anshula's (Kapoor; sister) friend for many years. So, I have known her forever. She is very nice. Since I know her very well, such link-ups don't come in the way [of our friendship]. Just saying, 'Hi' or 'Hello',

You have also been linked to Jacqueline Fernandez.

Jacqueline and I have been friends even before she became an actor. She has known Sonam (Kapoor; cousin) since then. So, I have known her for the past five years. But how many people can you explain that to? If I crack jokes with her or if I am standing and talking to her, or if I just say hi to her, that doesn't mean I am in a relationship [with her]. It's so silly. doesn't mean we're in a relationship. If that happens, I will start being seen only with Ranveer (Singh); then people will start saying that I am dating him.

Were you worried before your new film released?

When I was working on it, I wasn't. But when I met the media, I was told, "It's such a difficult and different role; it's a risk." So then, you start questioning yourself. I was fairly certain that this concept will connect with a majority of the country. I was quietly confident; I knew a lot of people weren't.

Was there more pressure on you to deliver with your new film, especially because of the mounting competition in B-Town?

Of course, there was some pressure because you are answerable to your producer and the studio. They all watch your recoveries (whether a film is making money or not) closely. At the end of the day, the box office is everything. So, it's important to build your credibility, if you want to do different kinds of films. It's important to be successful, and not just because there is competition, but also because it leads to better work for you.

Do you ever worry about the competition in your age group?

No one's eating into another's pie. Honestly, I don't think we can take on each other right now. We have to first build our own careers, and cement ourselves in the audience's mind. Most importantly, we have to create our own identities.