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Watch: Now this is how you hit bullies for a six, Anushka Sharma style!

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If the Indian cricket team's 'abject surrender' to the mighty Australians in the World Cup semi final in Sydney on Thursday (March 26) incensed millions of their fans, the backlash that followed, much of it directed towards Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, only incensed most right-thinking lovers of the game.

Short of being churlish, she was trolled and bullied for what? Because she chose to travel to Sydney to be with boyfriend Virat Kohli, the vice-captain of the team, who got out cheaply in the match.

As preposterous as it may sound, what was heartening is the kind of support the 29-year-old got, both from her colleagues in the industry and also the general public.

Now the makers of NH10, Anushka's first production venture and one of 2015's surprise hits at the ticket windows, have uploaded a video on their YouTube channel to spread a simpler message: stop bullying Anushka.

In a montage of videos from NH10 and few screenshots of the ridiculous comments blaming Anushka for India's World Cup defeat, Anushka has the best response.