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How Anushka Sharma signed Aamir Khan's P.K.

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Everyone knows that Anushka Sharma will be seen in director Rajkumar Hirani’s next, PK. But not many are aware of how she was roped in for the Aamir Khan-starrer.

We have come to know that when Rajkumar Hirani contacted her for the film, she instantly agreed to do it, without even listening to the script or learning anything about her character.

"Anushka told Raju: I am ready to play whatever role you have in mind for me. She is a huge fan of his work, so she was sure that he would do justice to her part. But being the professional that Raju is, he told her, ‘It’s great that you want to do my film, but still, you have to sit for a narration before we finalise things," informs the source.

Anushka is known to be very particular about the films she signs, and she never agrees to do any project without reading the script. But for this project, she didn’t stand by any of these rules.

"Finally, however, Anushka did sit through a detailed narration that went on for about a couple of hours before she was locked for the film," adds the insider.

The actor’s spokesperson confirmed the news. Since Anushka is busy shooting in Rajasthan, she only responded, saying, "I’ve always loved and admired Raju sir’s work."