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Anushka Sharma: Painful promotions!

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Mumbai, March 15 -- Producing a film and acting in it can seem like quite a gruelling process. But for Anushka Sharma, it was more than just tough; it was painful, quite literally.

The actor had hurt her back while shooting for her maiden production about four or five months ago. In order to complete the schedule on time, she took preliminary measures to take care of it, and continued shooting.

While the hard work seems to have finally paid off - the film is receiving rave reviews for the performances and direction - Anushka's ordeal is yet to end, as her back is still in pain.

As a matter of fact, even during the promotions, the actor was on medication for the pain, and she was attending physiotherapy sessions whenever possible. Her last session took place for two hours on March 12 at a hospital in Andheri (W).

"Her doctors have been asking her to take it easy for some time now, but because the promotions were on, she could not avoid the activity," says a source close to the actor.

The insider informs us that in the weeks leading up to the film's release, Anushka would try and schedule most of her interviews on the phone. "That way, she could talk to journalists while lying down and resting her back. Even when she was visiting TV channels' studios for interviews, she would carry a pillow along to support her back," adds the source.