Anushka gets a Haryanvi accent!

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New Delhi, June 12 -- Lot of actors nowadays begin their homework for their roles much before they start shooting for a film and actor Anushka Sharma is no different.

In her next film opposite Salman Khan, she will play a female wrestler, who hails from Haryana, and to get the accurate Haryanvi accent, she spent time with female wrestlers.

The 28-year-old actor got trained with female wrestlers from where she picked up their mannerisms. In between breaks and training sessions, she spent a lot of time talking to them to get the pronunciation of their dialect right. She also took part in a language workshop. But it was the day-to-day interaction with these female wrestlers that helped her speak the language accurately.

"Pure Haryanvi is a rustic dialect. For the film, I worked on getting the accent right. Speaking to the female wrestlers was the best training. I also listened to their inspiring stories on how they overcome challenges to pursue wrestling," she says.