Anushka to encourage people to celebrate a noise free Diwali!

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By News Network

Actress Anushka Sharma has always spoken openly about her love for animals, especially her pet dog Dude. But now she has decided to campaign for yet another genuine cause this Diwali. After her recent initiative to prevent culling of stray dogs in Kerela, Anushka is now speaking about safer and noise free Diwali in a ‘Pawsitive’ way.

Anushka will spread awareness and knowledge about the consequences of noise pollution and will sensitize people towards reduction of noise and crackers for the sake of animals through ‘Pawsitive’ initiative. During the festive season, especially during Diwali, fire crackers generate massive noise pollution. According to study, the levels of noise pollution in Indian cities go up by 80 to 100 percent. The sound created by these crackers scares the animals and disturbs their life patterns.

The actress will soon launch an extensive campaign through Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness about noise pollution and reduction in the use of crackers, especially in residential areas.

Speaking about the cause, Anushka Sharma said, "Animals are our best friends. They make me laugh & I share a personal bond with them. Their welfare is one cause that's close to my heart & I will keep taking up initiatives that make us care for them too. When someone bursts fire crackers during Diwali, they don't think of how it affects animals or birds. With 'Pawsitive' I hope I can inspire some of us to care about them, and avoid making a lot of noise. Diwali is a festival of lights & happiness, and can also be celebrated with your family in a safe & healthy manner."

Well said Anushka!