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Health ministry should talk with us: Anurag Kashyap

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Mumbai, Jan. 25 -- Film-maker Anurag Kashyap has been vocal about considering the antismoking disclaimers in films frivolous for a while now. Although he is not against the intention behind the messages, he feels the way of putting the idea across should be more effective.

We have come to know that Anurag wants to initiate a platform, where film-makers can have a dialogue with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the matter. He suggests that coming up with effective films to spread the antismoking message is a better way of generating consciousness, rather than flashing anti-smoking disclaimers during the film.

"I suggest that the health ministry has a dialogue with film-makers. They should be willing to have a discussion with us on spreading the message effectively. They should ask us to come up with effective anti-smoking films. We can give them 12 different films that will have an impact, and they should make it compulsory for the exhibitors to screen them," says Anurag.

The film-maker also feels that the flashing disclaimers only distract the audience. "It affects the experience of watching a film. It doesn't help anyone. The message undoubtedly is good, but is it effective enough? The health ministry might feel good about themselves by putting such disclaimers, but is it having an impact? Such flashes in films actually make you feel irritated and you might go out for a smoke," he says.