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Anupam Kher meets Narendra Modi!

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Mumbai, May 21 -- Veteran actor Anupam Kher, who is presently shooting in Delhi, planned a quick meeting with the Prime Minister Designate, Narendra Modi, on knowing that the latter was also present in the capital. The two met for a brief conversation, at Gujarat Bhawan, on Monday (May 19).    

"One doesn't get to meet him every day. I went to Gujarat Bhawan to wish him good luck and tell him that the country is expecting great leadership from him," says Kher. Reacting to the actor's wish, Modi expressed that he wants every citizen to be part of his mission.

"He is so unlike a politician. He knows what is happening in the country and discussed several topics with me. He said that it is important to involve people in the development of the country. He is confident of bringing about changes and assured me of the same," adds the actor.    

Modi also expressed his happiness on getting people's support in the recent Lok Sabha elections. "He was happy for getting such a massive response and he was particularly thrilled about winning in Kargil. He was also happy for Kirron's (Kher; wife) victory," says Kher.