Director Anubhav looks back at four years of Ra-One

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By News Network

Though the film Ra-One might have opened to mixed reviews and even received brickbats, but the film maker Anubhav Sinha is like a proud parent.

The film, which scored very high on special effects and high end graphics, starred, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles.

The film completed four years on Monday and though few of the members from the audience and the die-hard fans of SRK loved the movie, few others who were not, just rubbished the movie for a weak and predictable plot.

The film was about the villain character from the game that comes to life and creates havoc in the lives of the creators and the city in general. Shah Rukh had left no stone unturned and the film became pioneers to create a game in the same name and even have a website dedicated to it.

The music was composed by Vishal Shekhar and had a super hit song Chammak Challo sung by Akon.

But despite of all these, the film did not create waves at the box office. The film had Shah Rukh in double roles. The director Anubhav Sinha feels that he is thankful for the honest reaction from audience and he is glad that he got those. But in spite of all that, Ra-One will remain very close to his heart since, it had taken him four years to get the movie ready and so today after four more years after its release, he feels proud of having made the film Ra-One.