Singer Anmol Malik insists on fighting on her own terms..

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New Delhi, Jan. 25 -- Singer Anmol Malik insists on "fighting" on her own terms to carve a niche in the music industry.

Daughter of popular composer Anu Malik, Anmol recently released her second single, Let Me Come Home, which has already crossed 17000 hits on Youtube since released on January 19.

"I have been writing lyrics since I was 13. One could find random lines written on my desks, notebooks, back of the desk, everywhere. I had written a few lines of this song on the door of my dorm room. My friends wanted me to publish them someday, and I thought this song was the perfect place to start from," she says.

Anmol ran into trouble many times, due to her habit of writing lyrics in school notebooks. "Once in school, my Chemistry teacher had to call my parents, because my notebook had songs written instead of formulas related to the subject. My father just looked at it and said, 'I am proud of you beta,' but mom was pretty angry with it," she laughs.

Anmol, who made her debut with the English single The Graduation in 2015, feels her latest track is a much better reflection of her personality. "This one is more about myself. I want to write something that I have felt. It's about feeling lonely and how being lonely is not a bad thing, and there is a comfort in darkness as well. Lyrics mean a lot to me and sometimes more than music, I feel words grab me more," she says, adding: "I wanted to show people who I am."