Ankit values audience love more than awards!

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New Delhi, May 3 -- Singer Ankit Tewari, who is a known for his songs such as Sunn Raha Hai from Aashiqui 2 and Galliyan from Ek Villain, says it's really important to get the support of the audience at the beginning of your career.

"When you are right at the start of your career, it's important to get recognition, as this helps in boosting your confidence. Of course, once you establish a name for yourself, you can add to this with awards. But they are most important at the start of your career," says Ankit.

The singer adds that for someone like him - who has been in the industry since 2010 - audience love matters more than awards.

"Instant feedback is more crucial now. If the audience doesn't like a song or a composition and you get an award for it, what is the point? That does not make sense at all. If you have sung well, you must get the audience's attention as well as recognition of the jury. That is ideal," he says.

Ankit also shares that he loves running his new tracks by his brother Ankur. "He is my best critic. He gives his opinion on all my songs. His feedback matters to me the most," says the singer.