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Anil Kapoor: Doting dad flies to Mumbai

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Mumbai, July 22 -- Anil Kapoor has always been supportive of his daughters' careers - be it when Sonam wanted to become a leading lady in Bollywood films or when Rhea decided to join the family's production house.

In fact, so doting is he as a father that he recently flew down from Spain - where he was in the midst of a hectic schedule of Zoya Akhtar's next movie - for just two days to check out the rough cut of a trailer of their upcoming film.    

"He has been working closely with his daughters on their next production venture, in which Sonam plays the lead. They have been constantly exchanging notes on the film - be it about how to market it or what sort of posters to go in for," a sources close to Anil informs us.    

In one such conversation, apparently, Sonam happened to mention to her father that she wished he could be here to see the rough cut of the trailer and give his inputs. "At that point of time, Anil said it was not possible since he was busy shooting with Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Farhan Akhtar. But later, he made plans and came down for two days to surprise his daughters," says the source.    

The source also adds that both Sonam and Rhea were pleasantly surprised to see Anil walk into their office, where they were having daily meeting. "He asked them to show him the trailer and then offered his inputs," says the source.    

When contacted, Rhea confirmed the story. She says, "It was quite sweet of dad to fly down specially to watch the rough cut of the trailer. He loved it."