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Mumbai, July 4 -- Besides acting, Anil Kapoor has also produced many films under his banner, including Khoobsurat (2014) that featured both his daughters - Sonam Kapoor played the lead role in the movie, and Rhea Kapoor produced it.

Anil says he likes to give a free hand to his younger daughter, Rhea, when it comes to production. "We are all there [for Rhea]. But ultimately, she takes the call [on the production work]. I am only involved at the ideation level. But, if need be, I do listen to the script. For example, I listened to the story of Khoobsurat, and suggested a few changes. When I saw the edit, I suggested a few more. But that doesn't mean I sit on the sets all the time. I get involved in the beginning and the end, that's it. In between, whenever there is a problem, I am there to solve it," says Anil.

He also informs us that while the second season of the remake of a popular American TV show will be handled by him, Rhea will work on the remake of another hit US TV show - Modern Family.

Talking about Sonam, Anil feels "it's a great time for her." He is also proud that she is doing more female-centric films.

"When Sonam did Aisha (2010; it was co-produced by Rhea), none of the upcoming actresses in the industry were doing such (female-oriented) roles. So, it's not that she (Sonam) started doing such films only now, or after seeing others do them. I am glad that some of her upcoming projects have strong female characters," says the senior Bollywood actor.