Anil Kapoor


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Anil Kapoor (born 24 December 1956) is an Indian actor and producer who has appeared in many Bollywood films and more recently international films.

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Anil Kapoor's ambitious TV series 24 is set to go on air from Friday, October 4. As the actor prepares for a new audience, we catch him in a candid chat.
A number of Bollywood stars have lent their voices to several characters in the 3D animation project, Mahabharat. However, Anil Kapoor made a special wish to dub for Karna in the film. And the makers accepted the actor’s choice.
 Anil Kapoor made his television debut on October 4 and five episodes of the show have been aired ever since. But the actor, who is seen playing the role of Anti-Terrorism Unit chief Jai Singh Rathod in 24, is working around the clock to meet deadlines.
Actor-producer Anil Kapoor made his television debut on October 4 with the TV show, 24. And, Anil who is seen playing the role of Anti-Terrorism Unit chief Jai Singh Rathod in the show, is working round the clock to meet deadlines.
Diwali is about good food, good company and card parties. But more than anything else, it’s about family. So, on this special occasion, we got one of the most close-knit families in Bollywood to open up.
Often touted as the intellectual woman's brooding hero, actor Rahul Khanna is super-excited about his two-episode role in the television thriller 24, helmed by Anil Kapoor.
Sonam Kapoor has just started shooting for the remake of the 1980 film, Khoobsurat, in Rajasthan. While Sonam's preparations to get into the shoes of the lead character, which was originally essayed by Rekha, has made many headlines, what's interesting is that the siblings also plan to indulge in some sightseeing while they are in Rajasthan.
Today (November 21) Anil Kapoor shoots for the last episode of his TV show, 24. But what's interesting is that the actor has already sent across the hard drive containing the show to Los Angeles.

Taking a step away from the usual saasbahu sagas on TV, Anil Kapoor decided to bring the international show 24 to the Indian small screen. And his decision has proven to be quite popular with telly lovers. Probably that's why even before the first season comes to an end, Kapoor is set to be seen in the series' second season next year.

On Friday, December 6, as news about Nelson Mandela's demise spread, the world came together to mourn and reminisce the life of the former South African president. He was 95.