Feels ecstatic to be known as Ananya's dad: Chunky Pandey

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NEW DELHI, April 23 -- After much speculation, Ananya Panday has been roped in to play the lead in Karan Johar's Student of the Year 2 that marks her big Bollywood debut.

And her proud father, actor Chunky Panday, is ecstatic about it. "My elder daughter has gone away now to study and I am only going to wait and see the result. I'm so proud," says Chunky. A quick tete-e-tete with the Chunky on Ananya.

Ananya has left for the shoot of her first film, are you nervous or excited?

It's a mixture of both. But, I trust our upbringing. Plus, my kids are hardworking and competitive. She is stable and now has to look after herself.

With Karan Johar as the mentor, is it a bigger relief?

That's an understatement. I must have done some great karma for my daughter to have got a film with Karan's production house. She's in such great hands that it will be even crazy for me to think about anything. She's going to be handled by the best people.

How does it feel when people now address you as Ananya Panday's father?

It feels ecstatic when you are known as your child's father.

It happened when I used to go to Ananya's school and kids would say, 'Ananya's father has come.' And now I want that to happen in real life.

As an actor, did you give any advice to Ananya?

I always tell both my daughters that you have to be unique. You cannot mimic and mime anyone else's success. Write your own story and you will be successful.

What about sharing some stories from your journey in Bollywood?

I'm the first generation in the family, who started the trend [of acting]. But with Ananya, I let her be because this generation has changed and so have the audience. It's a craft she has to pick and master herself. Whatever I tell her will confuse her and I don't want to break her chain of thoughts. She's in a nice space and that's why I have not even gone on the shoot or sets.

Did you ever try to protect Ananya from getting over exposed on social media?

I think she understood that herself. She was always private on social media. And that was not my choice but hers. In fact, I was so proud the day her film got announced. She opened her Instagram and there were some one lakh followers in a couple of hours and she was so excited. She was over the moon as if it was her golden jubilee film.