When Jackie Chan made Amyra Dastur speechless!

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Actor Amyra Dastur, who will share screen space with Chinese action star Jackie Chan in upcoming film Kung Fu Yoga, says it was a dreamlike experience to work with him.
“When I met Jackie sir for the first time, I was so star struck that I could not even talk. Later I realised he is so calm and warm. He’s just like any other normal person who I can talk to without feeling scared,” she says.
Completely in awe of Asia’s highest paid actor (Jackie), Dastur further adds, “Jackie sir has that vibe – he will never make you feel that he’s more important than you. He’d never expect that his scenes should be shot first. To reach his stature and be so humble is just so sweet and breathtaking and at the same time inspiring for the other person.”
Being a veteran actor, one would expect Chan to give tips to his younger co-stars but Dastur says he was not at all preachy. “He prefers to show a technique through his actions and not words. When we were doing action sequences, because it’s his forte, he would always be there. Even if there’s no scene of him, he would just stand there, quiet, and not interfere or interrupt. Only when he realises there’s something wrong or there’s room for improvement, he would come and tell you exactly how it works.”
This is the first time the 23-year-old actor would be working in a Chinese production and she calls it an exciting experience. “Language was the only difference otherwise it’s the same. The whole production team was Chinese, so we had to learn and speak the language too. It’s definitely a different language and you have to work faster and harder.”
So did she take some lessons in Chinese language to understand things better? “Mandarin is supposed to be toughest language in the world and that’s why I always say you have to pick and learn the bad words first, as you remember them,” laughs the actor, adding, “Chinese is a different culture right from the food they eat, the way they behave. When I worked with Chinese crew for the first time, including production unit, spot boys etc, everyone was so affectionate, sweet and kind.”