I should really retire: Amitabh Bachchan

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Amitabh Bachchan has just said the unthinkable: That he is contemplating retirement. In a rather depressive (’delirious’ too?) post on his blog, Big B gave words to what millions of his fans wish never happens:

“I am in state .. I am in state of … I am in state of hallucination .. of an end to the woes of life, of the woes of fever and infection and those harsh tablets that keep us away from any trouble in the near future .. near is good, there can be none else..I speak to much and in monosyllables ..I should really retire.”

The post began with a reflection on diseases and medication: “Drowsy in the drugs that get administered to ease the flow of the cold through the veins and the body .. they are strange these symptoms .. they be delivered and rusty all along and then with sudden velocity enter within and devastate ..Medications are a deterrent not a cure .. or at times a cure and not a deterrent .. who knows and who cares .. no one does but the body of the sufferer .. alone in the darkness of the hoarse throat and choked nostrils.”

He continued: “Fear not dear brethen and sisteren of the Ef Blog , there is care and help on way and all shall be well by the end of the day tomorrow, or so they say .. they ? Yes they … they are the ones that administer the pill to recovery, the pill to better countenance and the pill to rest well in an effort to assassinate that evil virus that may have most surreptitiously crept in.”

Having worked in more than 150 films, Amitabh Bachchan has three National Awards (Agneepath, Black and Paa) and fourteen Filmfare awards to his credit. He has also been honoured with Padma Sri (1984), Padma Bhushan (2001) and Padma Vibhushan (2015). The French government also honoured Amitabh with their highest civilian honour - the Knight of the Legion of Honour - in 2007 for his “exceptional career in the world of cinema and beyond.

Amitabh has been in the showbiz for five decades. Here’s hoping he continues to entertain for another decade.