Amitabh: What is different in today's generation of actresses

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By Tulsi, News Network

After having worked with Deepika Padukone in Piku, he is absolutely charmed by the long-legged actress! Not only does he say the sweetest things about her, but admires today’s actresses and their talent.

But when he was asked how different today’s breed of actresses are compared to his generation, he proved his wit again!

He said: “To begin with, they are taller…”

LOL! Well, you got to admit, that’s quite an observation!

He also added: “They come very well prepared. I love that. Many times we get to learn from them.”
Of course, he has a special place for Deepika: “I admire Deepika’s work in ‘Piku’ and the other actresses too. They are quite remarkable in their choice of films and how they work. How wonderfully they keep changing from one subject to another. I have great regards for Deepika. She has proved herself with her every film. With each film, I see an improvement from her previous films she did. I always keep complementing her.”