Here's why Amit Trivedi said no to Lucknow Central!

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New Delhi, Feb. 19 -- Saleability is the last thing on music composer Amit Trivedi's mind when he is composing music for films. 
The 38-year-old feels his "foremost" responsibility as a composer is to do "justice" to the movie. 
"My first and foremost responsibility is towards the film and the script. My first question after I finish the music or score for a film is, 'Am I doing justice to the storyline of the film?' I try my best to do the service that's asked of me and once the music is released, I tend to not think about its success commercially," says Amit, who has composed music for films such as Udta Punjab (2016), Secret Superstar (2017), and most recently the Akshay Kumar starrer Pad Man. 
Talking about his process of choosing projects, he says, " I try not to take up a film which is similar to a film I've already composed for. I'd composed for Qaidi Band (2017), and then Lucknow Central (2017) was also offered. So I didn't take up that project, because it had a similar storyline," he says. 
"With different kinds of films, I can experiment with things. Ek hi subject pe kitna sochega ek aadmi," he adds.