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Return of Babuji: how Twitter resurrected Alok Nath's career!

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Anyone who has enjoyed Alok Nath memes on Twitter, knows the actor to be the industry’s favourite ‘ashirvad-giving sanskari babuji’. And now that he has joined the micro-blogging site, he promises to continue the tradition and “bless his fans directly”.

“Anyone who is seeking my blessings will be blessed. But let me get used to Twitter first. In the near future I will be clearer on how to interact with my fans,” says Nath.

Ask him how he’ll deal with the Twitter fights and the use of abusive language by users, and the actor says he is not afraid. He says, “I have shielded myself against the volley of jokes that I have been made the subject of. So, I am sure I will be able to handle it in my own way. People will know that I’m a modern Babuji, who is chilled out,” he says.

Nath also reveals that online jokes have helped him in his career. “What inspired me to join Twitter was the sudden transformation in my career because of these jokes. As a performer, I’m being looked at differently now. Most importantly, it is generating revenue for me,” he adds.

At the time of going to press, Alok Nath had 2,645 followers.

What made you finally join Twitter?
I was majorly inspired by the series of tweets that mentioned my name. Over the past few months, I felt that it has given me a different perception of what people think of me. Also, I did not want to be an outsider, listening to what people are talking about me and not interacting with them. So I thought I might as well become part of it. It was high time.

Are you aware of new-age social media jargon?
I am aware of it to a certain extent, but not largely. But I know enough to converse in short form. I know what you mean by ‘LOL’ and other such abbreviations. I am looking forward to tweeting. But if it starts distracting me from work, I might have to seek help.

You have been a big part of Sooraj Barjatya's films. But you’re not in the next one, starring Salman Khan. Are you upset about that?
No, I am not upset at all. I have been there in almost all their films. I presume that this film did not have a role that I fit into. But, I’m working in the Barjatyas’s TV serial that will be aired soon.

Do you think you have been stereotyped in films and on TV?
Yes. That is the trend in our country. If you have been adored in a particular kind of role, people want to see more of it. Directors and producers feel that they have got readymade stuff, and don’t have to work hard on it. They think, ‘it is tried and tested, so cast him instead of taking the risk of casting anyone else who may not work’. If you refuse the offers, you lose out on the money. But social media has inspired me to do different kinds of roles.