Alka Yagnik's niece will sing too!

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New Delhi, March 31 -- Yet another young singer, who has music running in the family, is ready for a career in music.

This time it's none other than playback singer Alka Yagnik's niece Garima Yagnik. Garima who's trained in both Indian classical and western music, talks about the legacy she has to take forward.

"It's even more challenging when you have such a stalwart in your family. Just because I am Alka Yagnik's niece, people have same expectations from me," she says, adding, "I sing because I love to sing and everyone has a different level. My style of singing is also different from my aunt's, because I have learned both western and Indian classical music," she adds.

Garima who grew up in London, came back to India at the age of 14. "While in London I was first exposed to western music but after coming back to India, I started learning Indian classical music as I wanted to take up music as a profession." The 19-years-old was also a part of musicals in London and has learnt acting simultaneously.

Speaking about the kind of music she likes to listen to, Garima shares, "Although I like listening to western music more, but Indian songs were always a part of my life. I used to listen to my aunt's songs in London and I had made a special playlist of her songs that I enjoy listening to."