Bollywood: Why is kissing a big deal?

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New Delhi, Sept. 27 -- The Censor Board recently decided to clamp down on kissing in a new flick, reigniting the debate on the big deal about screen smooches on Indian celluloid.

Following allegations of discrepancy between films made in Bollywood, and Hollywood films screened here, the new film, featuring Om Puri and Helen Mirren, had to omit a kiss to get a 'U' (universal) certificate.

Interestingly, one of the earliest kissing scenes in Indian cinema dates back to 1933, when actor Devika Rani kissed her then-husband, Himanshu Rai, in Karma. The four-minute kissing scene is believed to be the longest such shot in Indian cinema till date.

Yet, cut to 2014, and locking lips still leads to controversy. As a result, many of Bollywood's top stars - including Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn - have largely stayed away from kissing on screen. Salman has called kissing on-screen "gross" "That's a private moment. I don't think it looks good ... I don't have respect for the people who do this," he said in an interview.

And those who have done it repeatedly -Emraan Hashmi, and now, Alia Bhatt - have earned tags like 'serial kisser'. But they don't care. While Alia Bhatt calls it "mechanical", Parineeti Chopra says the scenes are just "technical".