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Bollywood Trend: Planet of the napes!

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New Delhi, June 28 -- Bollywood divas are not afraid of getting inked, and it seems they have a preferred spot, too. Actor Alia Bhatt showed of her 'Pataka' tattoo at the nape of the neck, an area of choice for many A-listers. And, city artists say, the area is back in vogue as a hotspot for ink lovers.    

"Many youngsters are now opting to get tattoos done on the nape of the neck as it's not as mainstream as getting inked on the arm or your wrist. Since it's a fairly spacious area, the design can be elaborate too, and even though it hurts fairly more to get a tattoo there, that doesn't stop customers who are increasingly opting for nape tattoos," says tattoo artist Sakshi Vij of Devil'z Tattooz.

Tattoo artist Satty of Angel Tattoo Design Studio adds, "Each week, we get up to 15 clients who want Bollywood-inspired tattoos, and the nape of the neck is now a favourite spot again with a lot of customers between the age of 20 to 30 years. Imran Khan's tribal sun tattoo at the nape of his neck is extremely popular with guys."

And how can one flaunt these in style? Stylist Rajat K Tangri suggests: "Low backs, tying your hair up or keeping them side swept works best." Stylist Shayal Sheth adds: "To flaunt the tattoo, you can wear an outfit with a deep back along with a back necklace."