Alia wants to cut down her phone bill!

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On Monday (February 17), India’s finance minister P Chidambaram presented the interim budget that ended up making some items, like cars and computers, cheaper.

As analysts sift through the intricacies of this budget, we talk to a few Bollywood actors and ask them what things they would like to ‘budget’ in their own lives.

Alia Bhatt
"My phone bill — especially when I am travelling. I am always stuck to social networking sites and the Internet when I am travelling. As a result, I come back with a huge bill, for which I get an earful from my mother (laughs). So I can definitely budget that. Apart from that, I don’t spend much on my clothes or make-up."

Bipasha Basu
"I don’t live a very indulgent life. I am a conscious spender, and I have immense value for money. But yes, my electricity bill is one thing that I would love to curb."

Ayushmann Khurrana
"I think (I would limit) buying luxury cars. It’s a depreciating asset. All you need to do is travel from point A to B, which nullifies the whole point of over-spending. I would prefer to invest in property instead. Or I would like to spend more on travel, which makes you aware in life."

Soha Ali Khan
"Actually, the things that I would like to budget aren’t really in my control. Firstly, I travel a lot, which is an integral part of any actor’s life. Since air fares are high, I end up spending a lot, but that is out of my control. Also, diesel is exorbitantly priced, that’s another thing I would like to cut down on. And the third would be electricity bills. In Mumbai, they are much higher than they should be. So I have very aam aadmi (common man) problems."

Shraddha Kapoor
"I would like to control my shopping budget, especially for shoes. This will definitely be a challenge, but I will surely give it a try."