Alia Bhatt: 'It was a surreal feeling'

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Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- Twenty-year-old Alia Bhatt has done more than just act in Imtiaz Ali's Highway. She has actually recorded a promotional song for the film - a lullaby called 'Sooha saha' - under the direction of composer AR Rahman.

Talking about the experience of working with the Academy Award-winning musician, Alia says, "It was a surreal feeling. In fact, when I was recording the song, I suddenly had an out-of-body experience when it dawned upon me that I was in the studio with AR Rahman."    

Like all his songs, this track too was recorded at night. "Rahman sir was fantastic. He kept joking and laughing throughout the recording to keep it all light. He was very patient with me, and I am really thankful to him for that," she says, adding that recording the song was "actually Imtiaz's idea". "I think he heard me singing and he knew that I enjoy it. I am essentially a bathroom singer, but he was confident. That's why he suggested the idea to Rahman sir," says the young actor.  

The maestro, on his part, was also impressed with Alia's singing. "Imtiaz had said Alia has a great voice, but I didn't trust him. Then she learned the song and sang it for me, and I was pretty impressed with her natural ability. We guided her a bit to perfect the singing. She did it twice and then we got it almost right, and now it sounds great," says Rahman.  

Ask Alia how her father, Mahesh Bhatt reacted to her singing stint, and she smiles, saying, "When dad got to know, he asked me, 'Are you sure you'll be able to sing?' So I told him, 'You only listen (to the song when it comes out) and let me know,'" she says. Even though this was a start for Alia, she doesn't rule out the possibility of doing it again. "I am open to singing more if the right opportunity comes along. I am also planning to start learning to play a new instrument very soon...maybe the piano."