Ranbir Kapoor afraid to play cards with Akshay Kumar?

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Mumbai, Nov. 6 -- Diwali is the time for card parties in Bollywood and stars go all out playing for high stakes. At the recent Diwali party hosted by the Bachchans - Amitabh, Jaya, Abhishek and Aishwarya - celebrities turned up in high numbers to play cards, but apparently stayed away from one card player. An insider from the party claims that the star everyone was scared to play with was none other than Akshay Kumar.    

"Akshay is a pro at playing cards. And everyone knows about this reputation. He has been playing for years and knows all the tricks of the game," says the insider. The source says that Akshay learnt how to play cards like a pro during his stay in Bangkok, Thailand, adding that while it seemed difficult for Akshay to get a table to play at, he was seen trying to get Ranbir Kapoor to join him. However, the young star too is believed to have backed off. "

Ranbir was one of the many actors playing cards at the do. When Akshay approached him to play with him, Ranbir told him that he has heard that he's a dangerous player to play with," the insider adds.