Not worried about being in 100-cr club: Akshay Kumar

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  2. INR 56.70 Cr.
  3. INR 6.60 Cr.
  4. INR 82.51 Cr.
  5. INR 150.76 Cr.


You’d think Akshay Kumar, for one, would want to crack the coveted 100-crore club with his latest flick Boss, but the actor doesn’t seem to care. “It’s too early to predict anything right now (for Boss). But how big the film will turn out to be is something only time will tell. The fact that it has been accepted and loved by the audiences is gratifying enough for now. Otherwise too, I am not worried about being in `100 crore club. My film OMG: Oh My God (2012) was not a `100 crore film but it still struck a chord with the viewers,” says the 46-year-old.

Asked if it makes him happy that his film has been received well in single-screen theatres — a territory otherwise ruled by Salman Khan’s films, Akki says he’s never really differentiated between multiplexes and single screens. “For me, the audience is the same. Their love and affection is the same. Boss is a desi film. But yes, I am pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming reaction.”

And now, he is looking to explore new avenues. “I would like to do all kinds of films. I want to challenge myself as an actor now. I want to do things I haven’t done before. For example, I would now like to do a full-fledged horror movie. I think that’s a big market, waiting to be tapped,” says the actor, but adds that’s the ‘masala’ factor must stay no matter what. “... But, anything I do will always have one common factor — entertainment. That is something I will make sure.”

And his thoughts on all the new competition around? “It’s a good thing. New talent is always welcome and that’s what makes the industry grow. We make around 200 films every year. How will they work if there isn’t enough talent? And because so many films are getting made, there’s so much good work coming out of the industry,” he says.