Akshay's special gesture for little fan!

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Mumbai, Feb. 25 -- Last week, Akshay Kumar went out of his way to make one of his fan's dream come true. A nine-year-old terminally ill girl, Kajol, got a chance to meet Akshay on the sets of his upcoming film, Gabbar, in Pune.    

"The girl had wished to meet her favourite actor (Akshay). And when Akshay learnt about it, he immediately agreed. The girl hails from one of the nearby villages, so he decided to invite her on the sets itself," says an insider.    

Kajol visited the location with her parents and spent around five hours watching him shoot. "Since she always wanted to see a film shoot, Akshay made all the arrangements to make Kajol and her parents comfortable on the sets. She was very excited to watch him shoot the action sequences he is known for," adds the insider.    

Despite repeated attempts, Akshay couldn't be reached for a comment, but he uploaded a picture with Kajol on a photo sharing website and wrote: "This special lil girl made a wish & it finally came true! Kajol, you're the sweetest, hope u had an action packed day with me (sic)."