Akshay learns to speak in Arabic!

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Mumbai, Jan. 13 -- Actors often pick up a variety of skills to portray their characters more convincingly. Akshay Kumar, too, had to learn how to speak in Arabic for his upcoming film, Airlift.

While he calls the experience interesting, he admits that he had to do a lot of homework, as one has to literally "twist the tongue to speak the language properly".

"It's an exotic language. Some people may find it difficult, but if you are really keen, you'll learn it very fast," says Akshay, adding that his experience with Arabs has also been great. "They are some of the sweetest people I've met. Most of them are soft-spoken. If you ever visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will see that they speak very nicely," he says.

Recalling an "unforgettable experience" he had while he was shooting for his next in Ras al-Khaimah, UAE, he says, "At the shoot, I came across a Tamilian who had been living and working in Saudi Arabia for around 12 years. I spoke to him at length, and was surprised to see him talk in Arabic fluently." He adds, "I was so impressed that I asked him if I could get a picture clicked with him. Since he had told me during our chat that he had watched Deewaar (1975) multiple times, I decided to get our picture clicked in the iconic Deewaar pose."