Akshay Kumar: My film isn't anti-Pakistani..

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New Delhi, Jan. 21 -- Brushing aside rumours that the upcoming espionage thriller, Baby, is anti-Pakistan, the cast of the film - that visited HT City on Monday to meet the winners of the Stars in the City contest - said that it isn't about Pakistan bashing at all.

"Baby is not an anti-Pakistan film. In fact, it has three Pakistani actors who play very important roles. See, some elements in Pakistan can be wrong but a whole nation cannot be wrong. Terrorism has no religion, and we believe that religion and country are two different things," said the film's director Neeraj Pandey, whose last directorial was Special 26 (2013).

Meanwhile, Bollywood's quintessential action star, Akshay Kumar, said that his stunts in the film are realistic. "Neeraj has a thing for logical things, so all my fight sequences are very believable. For my film Holiday last year, I performed stunts that went a little overboard, but keeping Hindi cinema in mind, we had to do them," Akshay said.

Applauding Akshay's performance, Anupam Kher, who also plays a pivotal role in the thriller, said, "This is one of Akshay's best performances so far!" Talking about the film, producer Bhushan Kumar says, "Baby will be our first action-thriller and it is definitely a unique film. It has an edginess, fast-paced action sequences and has been shot par excellence."