Akshay Kumar: Keeping it real!

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Mumbai, Nov. 26 -- Over the past few years, he has starred in several hits like Special 26 (2013), Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty (2014), Baby and Gabbar Is Back, among others.

All these films have direct or indirect references to real-life situations and people. Ask him why he is doing such movies, and he says, "I really want to do these films. I find real stories extremely fascinating. At this stage of my career, I think I am in a position to choose the kinds of films I want to do." The actor adds that real stories are "interesting" to watch on the big screen.

"You may have heard or read about real incidents or historical events, but watching them visually, on screen, is very interesting. For instance, if I were to show you how Shivaji (Indian warrior king) fought valiantly in wars, you would be more interested [as compared to reading about it]," says Akshay, whose next is also based on a real-life event that took place in 1990 during the Gulf War.

He is also set to star in Neeraj Pandey's next, which is also inspired by real-life incidents.