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Akshay Kumar: I keep Nitara hidden..

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Mumbai, Aug. 1 -- Akshay Kumar is a doting father. While he tries to ensure that he spends quality time with his children, Aarav (11) and Nitara (who turns two next month), despite his hectic shooting schedules, he is also clear about one thing - that the kids must not grow up with a sense of entitlement just because their dad is a superstar. In fact, the actor says that he doesn't want them to even realise that he is one. Excerpts from an interview.

Why haven't we seen Nitara in public yet?

Because I keep her hidden. I try and keep my family away from my professional world. You don't bring your family or parents to office, right? Ethically, it's not right. I want my kids to realise that they are not special people. I want them to enjoy a normal childhood.

Who does Nitara take after?

She looks a lot like Twinkle [Khanna; wife].

We've heard that you spend your Sundays with Aarav. Are you an indulgent or a strict dad?

He gets everything he wants, but in a limited way. It is not that I can't spend money, but we need to teach our kids the value of money, and the importance of hard work. I feel proud to say that he (Aarav) is doing very well and, by next year, he would be giving his [Karate] black belt exams.

Has he shown any inclination or desire to be an actor?

He likes painting. Whether he wants to be part of this industry or not is beside the point. I don't mind if he chooses to become a painter.

Does he watch all your movies?

He watches my films, and even tells me if he likes them or not.

Has he ever been uncomfortable watching you in an intimate scene with an actress?

I am sure he is used to it now. Children today are very smart and sharp.

Do you get uncomfortable yourself while watching a film together which has such scenes?

No, because I'm just playing a role. Why would I feel embarrassed? I don't take my characters seriously.

Does he know that his father is a celebrity?

That's something I don't want him to realise. It all depends on how you bring up kids. He doesn't get everything on a platter. In fact, he even travels economy class.