Akshay Kumar gave Sidharth some brotherly advice!

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

The rapport that Akki and Sid share ever since they started working together for Brothers is absolutely amazing! You may even think that the two are actually brothers for real!

Akshay had long ago told that Sid reminds him of himself when he was younger. An outsider to Bollywood and Mumbai, extremely hard-working very disciplined, health conscious (and super delicious-looking)!

Apparently, the senior actor has been giving some strange, yet great and thoughtful advice!

Sidhart wants to shift his parents from Delhi to Mumbai. And that he’s thinking of buying a new apartment.

Says a common friend of the two: “Sidharth is still establishing himself in the industry and it is a known fact that when he started off in Mumbai, he was living in a small apartment. However, now that he has started doing well in his career, he is thinking of buying a house for himself as well. "

"In a casual conversation, Akshay asked him about his plans. When Sidharth spoke about a buying a small house to begin with, Akshay suggested that he think big and pick up a bigger house. He told Sid that if he is thinking of a two-bedroom flat, he should actually pick a 4BHK. If he plans to bring in his parents, he should think of something even bigger. He even suggested that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to even keep on an entire floor to himself, as a house is long-term investment and a safe one as well. Akshay told Sidharth that ‘Tu darr mat, bas le le; agar loan lena padta hai toh woh bhi kar, par soch mat kyonki paisa aa jaayega’.”

Now that’s an unexpected, yet very useful advice, don’t you think? We think this could be applicable for anything and everything in all our lives!

Thanks Akki! Now we know why you are such a star!