Akshay Kumar does his bit for farmers in Maharashtra

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Mumbai, Sept. 21 -- A few days ago, reports revealed that Akshay Kumar had planned to financially help 180 families of farmers, who had committed suicide due to the acute agrarian crisis in Maharashtra.

The state is currently facing one of its worst droughts. It was also reported that the actor had donated '90 lakh to some such families.

However, not many know that the star has been assisting these families with financial aid for the past three-four months now. "Akshay has been setting aside amounts ranging from '50,000 to '1 lakh per family for a few months. This money is sent to almost 30 families. And, this is not something that he has been doing in tandem with an NGO. His team has been directly involved and in touch with these families," says an insider.

Apparently, after doing some research in the region, Akshay's team made a list of farmers who were in dire need of assistance. In a systematic manner, every month, his team travels to the interiors of the state to disburse the money.

Apart from him, Nana Patekar is also another Bollywood actor, who has come out in support of these distressed farmers. We contacted Akshay for a comment, but he refused to talk about the matter. "He feels embarrassed. You will never hear him discuss these matters openly," adds the insider.