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Akshay Kumar blasts a fan online!

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Mumbai, March 5 -- While it has become convenient for fans to get in touch with their favourite celebrities through social media, these virtual platforms have given Akshay Kumar reason to worry.

Apparently, someone claiming to be a fan has been duping people on Akshay's fan club account, promising them a job in the actor's production house.  Most celebrities take legal action to get the fraudsters penalised, but when Akshay got to know about this, he preferred reaching out to his fans directly.

He tweeted, "Heard some upsetting news... some members of my "FAN CLUB" have been misleading some fans and duping them of money with false promises of landing an assistant directors job on my films."    

The actor also added, "If you are my fan, you know my story... there is no shortcut to success. Please don't be naive and don't give away your hard earned money to crooks ."  

Targeting the conmen, he wrote, "To those involved in this scam, may you get what you deserve."    

FROM THE PAST:  A man masquerading as photographer Atul Kasbekar contacted models and struggling actors, claiming he would help them bag a role in film-maker Mani Ratnam's next.    Shahid Kapoor was also the victim of a similar impersonation on Twitter.    

Someone impersonated Katrina Kaif and sent e-mails to film-makers.    Mahesh Bhatt and Paresh Rawal filed a police complaint against impostors who were misusing their names on Facebook.