Akshay Kumar: Back to the start!

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Mumbai, Oct. 17 -- Akshay Kumar has always spoken proudly of the years he spent struggling in Bangkok. It was during this phase that he developed a keen interest in martial arts and even worked as a chef at a local restaurant.

Now, the actor wants to take his family - wife (Twinkle Khanna), son (Aarav) and daughter (Nitara) - back to where it all started. "Since Akshay was all of 17 or 18 years old when he started working here, he is still very attached to it. He spent several years there, before coming back to Mumbai, where he started teaching martial arts and subsequently became an actor," says an insider.    

The actor, who has an advertising film shoot scheduled in March 2014 in Bangkok, will plan this family visit around then. When contacted, Akshay confirms the news, saying, "I do plan to take my family along to my first workplace. My kids should know where and how I started my career. It's a coincidence that as my new film (Boss) releases, I realised that my first ever boss in real life still runs the kitchen where I used to work." Akshay last paid the kitchen a quick visit in August with his son and niece.