Akshay: I make films that mean something to me

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Mumbai, April 6 -- Through the '90s, he was known as Bollywood's true-blue action star. But since then, Akshay Kumar has also proved his mettle in several other genres.

Of late, the actor has become even more experimental with his film choices. "It's simple. The days have passed when I felt the need to prove my worth through my success. Now, I make films that mean something to me. They may be emotional, carry a social message, or they could just be a laugh riot with some good-hearted humour for the family," says Akshay.

In the last few years, he has been part of several such films. The list includes OMG: Oh My God (2012), Special 26 (2013), Baby (2015), the Housefull series, Brothers (2015), and most recently, Airlift, among others.

The actor maintains that he has never been afraid of making such choices. "Fear is the fuel for the soul. If we don't fear our actions, we will get lazy in our endeavours. Versatile roles keep me on my toes, and the day I get complacent about my work, it will be the end of me," he says.

Even with his next film, Akshay has taken a different route. Reportedly, he is playing the baddie in the sequel to Robot (2010), which stars south star Rajinikanth. "I am so excited because of the opportunities that are being given to me. I almost can't wait for what my directors have in store for me next," says Akshay, who will also be seen in producer Neeraj Pandey's next film, and also in the third instalment of the hit comedy series, Housefull.

"I only work to make my family and fans happy. Success comes and goes like the wind. But films that touch even the smallest crowd can sometimes last forever," he says.