Akshay: 'I get paid for what I love'

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New Delhi, Oct. 15 -- Akshay Kumar brought the house down during his visit to HT City office on Monday where he was the guest at HT City's Stars in the City! Amid screaming fans and "I love you" shout-outs, the 46 year-old star confessed, in a session conducted by HT City editor, Sonal Kalra, to his love for doing his own stunts. "I got into martial arts early in life and have always loved action. So it feels like a paid holiday for me to do stunts. I am getting paid to do stunts... it can't get better than that," he said.  

Akshay, who was in the city to promote his upcoming film Boss, interacted freely with the lucky winners of the HT City Boss contest and even engaged in a fun session of arm-wrestling with a fan (we don't need to tell you who won that match!) He then proceeded to rap the film's hit song, Party All Night, and shook a leg along with his fans. The actor also revealed the secret recipe of the tempting chocolate parantha he makes for his son, Aarav, every Sunday. "It is very simple, just take dark chocolate and melt it. Then mix it with the dough. You may or may not add a little bit of salt to the mix, depending on your taste," he said. To this, a fan asked how they can't fry the parantha in pure ghee as nothing is pure any more, and Akshay cheekily remarked, "Ladki dhundne ghar se bahar ja saktey ho, ghee dhoondne kyun nahi jaoge?".     When a fan asked him to mouth a dialogue from the film, Akshay recited a dialogue from the film by the 'bad' guy, played by Ronit Roy.

Akshay, who plays a Harayanvi gangster in the film, also revealed that he does not speak authentic Harayanvi in the film. "My bua stays in Hisar (Haryana) and I used to visit her often when I was a kid. So I do know the flavour of the language. But, I am not speaking the typical dialect in the film. It'll be a mixture of Punjabi, Haryanvi and Hindi, so that people from different parts of India can understand the film," he said. He also shared why he tied up with comic book Chacha Chaudhary for this film's promotion, "I grew up reading Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu and love them," he said.