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Ajay gives back to society!

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Mumbai, Oct. 8 -- Ajay Devgn has contributed to various initiatives by the Mumbai Police in the past. Now, the actor has pledged his support to the Daan Utsav campaign (earlier called the Joy of Giving Week), which, this year, will focus on the rehabilitation of families begging on city streets.

Calling this one of the "best initiatives" by the police, Ajay says, "I will support the cause in every way I can. I will do this along with Rakesh Maria, commissioner of police, Mumbai. It's necessary to educate these kids who beg on the streets. We will help them acquire skills and get jobs." He adds that it will be a gradual process.

The initiative is to help the children and women of Faase Pardhi and Waghri tribes, who beg on the streets of south Mumbai. "The aim is to create a beggar-free zone in south Mumbai by the families," says a source involved with the campaign, adding, "Children will be rehabilitated through non-profit organisations, so that they can pursue education and get opportunities."

Ajay further tells us that the initiative is about making these people accept the change". He says, "These families on the streets need to accept the support, move on, learn, and get jobs. We need to change their mindset... They need to understand that they will be provided with facilities and free education. We can give the required support |and make them realise that it's all for their own good."